Audit: HHS fails to accurately report and prevent improper payments

A recent audit of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to determine if the agency is in compliance with the reporting standards required under the Improper Payments Information Act (IPIA) of 2002 found an ongoing failure by the agency to accurately report and prevent improper payments. The audit, conducted by Ernst & Young […]

Compounding pharmacies in the eye of investigative storm

In the last year or so there have been a number of stories in the media about investigations into wrongdoing by compounding pharmacies, marketing companies and physicians. At last count there were nearly 100 federal investigations underway for what the feds believe are questionable financial relationships involving these three entities. In some instances, physicians are […]

Ready or not here ICD-10 comes

With less than three months until the implementation of the long-awaited ICD-10, it appears many providers are still unprepared – particularly in the areas of testing and assessing the impact it will have on revenue. A new report published by AHIMA and the eHealth Initiative finds that while half of the respondents had completed test […]

OIG guidance for healthcare governing boards focuses on responsibility

You have probably heard the saying β€œThe buck stops here.” Popularized by President Harry S. Truman, the phrase still holds true today for many in positions of authority. When it comes to compliance oversight in the healthcare industry, the federal government is turning its focus more than ever on boards of directors and trustees to […]

Healthcare providers must comply with Barrier-Free Initiative

On January 16, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it reached a settlement with Genesis Healthcare System in Ohio as part of its Barrier-Free Health Care Initiative. The healthcare system was alleged to have discriminated against a woman diagnosed with HIV after one of its primary care physicians refused to accept her as a […]

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